CastPro S.L.

Casting processes & Products solutions

We provide the best solution for your projects. Our experience ensures the success of new ventures, delivered on time while upholding the highest quality standards.

Explore our comprehensive services and innovative approach to turn your visions into successful realities. Your success is our commitment.

Our target

We're a engineering specialized in casting projects. From the design or 3D scan of a part, we design and build the pattern. We're a foundry and machining partner to provide the best finished parts.


Our History

We're people decided to combine their vast knowledge and experience in the sector to found the company. With a solid and successful track record in their respective careers, these entrepreneurs realized that together they could achieve much more.

With our combined experience, we developed a clear vision and a solid strategy to establish their own company. Over the years, they have faced challenges and obstacles, but their determination and commitment to excellence have led them to success. Today, this company has become a reference given engineering support and execute projects. The benchmark in the sector, providing quality services and innovative solutions to our customers. Our story is a testament to the power of experience and dedication in the business world.