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CastPro is a company comprised of a team of highly qualified professionals with a significant track record in the foundry sector and extensive know-how in the manufacturing of industrial projects.

Your Trusted Foundry Projects Partner

At CastPro, our mission is to deliver a trusted and experienced product to our valued customers. We are dedicated to providing our members with an extensive range of products and services, empowering you to acquire what you need with confidence, knowing you are collaborating with a trusted partner deeply versed in foundry projects.

This allows you to acquire products or services with confidence knowing you are collaborate with a trusted collaborator that knows and understands the foundry projects. We do this by delivering products and services that are tailored to fit your projects.

The company have an expertise in foundry products and services after 2009. His aim is to provide the best possible products and services and to support the companies that do. We're passionate about the foundry world and the role it plays in all the products.

We love foundry. We believe that every foundry product should have a particular project, that will make the customers feel good. We've have created a service where all customer can find their necessities, so they can be proud of the final results and be sure that the lead time and quality is our best.

Welcome to CastPro - Where Excellence Meets Innovation in Foundry Projects and Engineering Solutions.